Shortlisted Artists Share Their Vision For AIDS Memorial in London


While we can’t reveal our winner just yet, we’re excited to give our supporters an update from some of the shortlisted artists who responded to the AIDS Memory UK commission.

In a video interview conducted by Ash Kotak, filmed by Darren Brade and edited by Stephen Matthews, artists Harold Offeh, Anya Gallaccio, Diana Puntar, and Shahpour Pouyan discussed their motivations behind participating in this significant project. Our fifth shortlisted artist Ryan Gander was sadly unavailable at time of filming.

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In the conversation with Ash, a poignant narrative unfolds, emphasising the enduring relevance of memorialising the AIDS epidemic, especially for younger generations who may not fully grasp its impact.

Diana Puntar and both Anya Gallaccio highlighted the concept of ‘missing generations’, underscoring the profound loss and the need to commemorate those who are no longer with us.

Harold Offeh and Shahpour Pouyan stressed the memorial’s role as a dynamic space for engagement and reflection, rather than as a static monument.

Harold Offeh advocated for public engagement and creativity as essential components of an AIDS memorial. Diana Puntar addressed the differing generational experiences of HIV/AIDS. Anya Gallaccio underscored the significance of acknowledging the experiences of women affected by HIV. While Shahpour Pouyan infused his vision for the memorial with poetic visual forms and historical aesthetics.

Upcoming Announcement

The selected artist will be announced on June 12th, marking a pivotal moment in creating a meaningful tribute to those affected by the epidemic. The decision to approach the memorial as public art reflects a commitment to inclusivity and engagement, ensuring the voices of those impacted resonate within the city.

Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the chosen artist who will shape the narrative of remembrance and resilience embodied by the London AIDS memorial, supported by Mayor of London.

For more information, contact Alethea Norman-Rhodes ([email protected]) or Lily O’Brien-Mead ([email protected]).



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