Pippa Catterall Takes Up Leadership Role at AIDS Memory UK


AIDS Memory UK (AMUK), an organisation dedicated to commemorating the lives lost to HIV and AIDS, advocating for ongoing awareness and support, has appointed Professor Pippa Catterall PHD as its new Chairperson.

“The moving spirit behind the campaign is Ash Kotak. The campaign has identified a site and is now starting on the planning process. 

Simultaneously, the hard task of commissioning the memorial and raising the funds to pay for it looms. I am under no illusions about the challenges ahead, but I relish them.”

Professor Catterall, renowned for her contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and her expertise in Queering Public Space, expressed her deep commitment to the cause. Reflecting on her involvement, she emphasised the profound impact of AMUK’s founder, Ash Kotak, and the inspiration drawn from his vision.

Acknowledging the challenges ahead, particularly in planning and fundraising for the memorial, Professor Catterall expressed her determination to honour the memory of those affected by HIV and AIDS. She highlighted the legacy of the late Jonathan Cooper, a cherished member of the campaign, whose passion and dedication continue to inspire.

As AIDS Memory UK moves forward with its mission, Professor Catterall’s leadership promises to uphold the organisation’s commitment to remembrance, solidarity, and compassion in the fight against HIV and AIDS stigma.



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